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LXD are sustainable material specialists, offering different solutions to support businesses in achieving their sustainability goals. We provide several materials to companies looking for alternative options tailored to their individual needs, and offer consultation and technical support to aid the transition. LXD are the official distributors and specialists of LIMEX in the UK and Europe, in partnership with TBM.


‘We help incorporate sustainable alternative materials into the conventional manufacturing process to cultivate a bespoke solution for businesses.’


‘Specialists in supplying sustainable materials across the UK & European markets through our distribution centres.’


‘Provide technical support and consultations throughout the transition journey with new materials from start to finish.’

Welcome to LXD, Suppliers of LimexTM material
A circular and sustainable alternative to plastic & paper
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LXD are the official suppliers of the new revolutionary Limex material, our focus and goal is to support the global challenge of climate change by introducing, supplying and reprocessing Limex materials through our new circular and sustainable product to replace the modern day plastic and paper from raw materials to end solutions, we offer a full turnkey solution.

Limex has multiple applications across plastic and paper alternatives, find out more by looking at the applications page or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Limex is a revolutionary solution to plastic and paper alternatives reducing Co2 significantly and sustaining a strong material, read over our benefits page to find out more or contact us today to find out how this can transform your sustainability goals.

End products created from Limex will always hold greater Limestone, therefore the product would by default fall outside the new tax requirements for plastic, to find out more please get in touch with our team.


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LIMEX currently comes in two forms, pellets and sheets for multiple applications. In addition, there are various grades of LIMEX depending on the application and moulding techniques.


Plastic composite with 50-80% Limestone


Plant based (bio polyethylene) Limestone mix

LimexTM Pellets

LIMEX pellet is manufactured by pelletising, the process of moulding the molten composite into the shape of a pellet. LIMEX pellet is also manufactured by pelletizing edge waste produced through manufacturing and printing process or used LIMEX sheets collected from consumers. Since the amount of petroleum-based resin contained in conventional plastic products can be reduced, LIMEX is used as a material to “reduce plastic”.

LimexTM Sheets

LIMEX sheet is manufactured by T-die sheet extrusion of the molten composite, and stretching process controlling a porous structure in order to create whiteness and lightness. Next, specific coating agent is applied onto the surface of LIMEX sheet depending on its application, enhancing surface properties for various kinds of printing process. Stone paper and LIMEX Sheet are different products.

We offer a full turnkey solution, from supply of raw materials to finished products.

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